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Home Sale West Bloomfield MI

Also known as the “lake township of Oakland County”, West Bloomfield is officially called the Charter Township of West Bloomfield. This thriving landmark township in the Metro Detroit area is one of the premier communities in Michigan to live, work and play. Hundreds of years ago, the hills and rich soil of West Bloomfield created a strong agricultural economy, but the city is now known for its stunning homes, breathtaking landscapes, diverse houses of worship and rich history. Also, the school districts within West Bloomfield are recognized statewide for their academic achievements and preparing students for the future. 
Back in the 1830s when West Bloomfield was just beginning to grow and flourish, the city was populated with farmers, blacksmiths, brick makers and small shops of all kinds to serve the growing population. While farming was the main source of income, these small businesses were able to flourish with a steady flow of tourists coming to visit the townships shimmering lakes.
Today, the main artery of West Bloomfield shopping district its Orchard Lake Road. In West Bloomfield, you will find a vast collection of family-owned small businesses, restaurants and clothing stores, kitchens serving up delectable dishes that will keep you coming back and shops that treat you like part of the family.
Just off Walnut Lake Road is the West Bloomfield town hall in the Civic Center complex. The Civic Center complex was built in the 1980s and houses City Hall, the police department, the library and the recreation activity center. Inside the activity center, kids can explore the nature nook with hands-on programs that showcase West Bloomfield’s incredible wildlife. Near the activity center are an array of paved trails and wide and weave through the untouched scenery and allow for year-round exploration of West Bloomfield’s unique landscape.
With over 560 acres of land, West Bloomfield parks are something to behold. Every park is filled with walkways and playgrounds for adults and children to enjoy carefully and expertly maintained by the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission. The parks host a variety of events that bring together the families of the West Bloomfield community.
Drake’s sports park in West Bloomfield is the largest recreational park hosting countless community events. Families of all ages are able to utilize every acre of this exciting park. Drake also comes with an amazing array of sports facilities that will have you outside from sunrise till sunset tucked away in the corner of West Bloomfield Township.
Marsh Bank Park is a great place to escape from the noise and fast pace of our everyday lives. With a scenic walking trail and a fishing dock that overlooks Cass Lake, Marsh Bank is the perfect destination for family and friends to escape from the hustle and bustle of Metro Detroit Nestled between Pontiac trail and Walnut Lake Road.
West Bloomfield has the honor of having Michigan’s first urban Wildlife Preserve within its borders. Towering cottonwood trees and thick box woods lined the protected woodlands teeming with wildlife and undisturbed landscapes covering 162 acres. The Preserve is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, some of which are native to the land.
When it comes to real estate, West Bloomfield is one of the most affluent communities in the Metro Detroit area with many beautiful homes displaying magnificent architectural designs while incorporating jaw-dropping views of nature itself. With well-kept neighborhoods spacious homes and stunning landscapes, it should come as no surprise that West Bloomfield is one of the most desirable residential communities in the Metro Detroit area. With many great locations and interesting sites, there’s something desirable for everyone in West Bloomfield.
Oakland County, where West Bloomfield is located is one of the wealthiest counties in the US. As a strategically located city, West Bloomfield is easily accessible to international airports, commerce and industrial centers. Nationally recognized in 2012 as one of the top 100 small communities in the US by Money Magazine, West Bloomfield Township is captivating to all who frequent the area and to those that call it home.


Buying a home or renting a property in West Bloomfield is a smart lifestyle decision, and it means different things to different individuals. To some people, it’s a great opportunity to build family relationships while some individuals love West Bloomfield for its endless opportunities for prosperity. The Tadros Team is here to make a major difference and provide you with a seamless real estate experience.
There’s beauty around every corner in West Bloomfield, and as the preferred team of dedicated real estate agents of the community, we are your direct connection to the best properties in West Bloomfield and the greater Metro Detroit area. Home Sale West Bloomfield MI range from $150K – $4.32M with the average price of a 4000 sqft single family home of $350K.
We have multiple homes for sale in West Bloomfield, MI and as a locally-owned and operated organization, not only do we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Michigan’s real estate, we also use our experience in the real estate industry in general to negotiate the best deals for all our clients.
A West Bloomfield home is perfect for anyone that enjoys biking, hiking, camping and fishing. Whether you need a subdivision home for you and all of your family to create lots of wonderful memories or desire a lake home for peace and reviving fresh air, the Tadros Team will help you secure the best homes across the metro Detroit area.


If you are looking for a mortgage, we have a variety of mortgage and finance programs available for West Bloomfield real estate purchases. The Tadros Team will make the buying of your home stress-free and enjoyable.

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