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Homes Sale Rochester MI

Rochester, Michigan is a lovely upscale community located in Oakland County, which is one of the five top ranking U.S counties. Although Rochester is a modestly sized city of just over 12,000 residents, it is a thriving community that has been around since 1817. Rochester is a charming town that has all the right ingredients to raise a family or to simply enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.
Rochester takes pride in its 19th-century style buildings, where some have been registered as Michigan historic sites. With a very low vacancy rate and a very aggressive Downtown Development staff, Rochester is a growing city, bustling with activity. Historically, Rochester’s economic base has been industrial. Although in recent years the economy has diversified and now includes a number of technology firms.
Rochester residents enjoy a very low unemployment rate consistent with a strong local economy. With a mixture of high technology firms and industrial companies, Rochester has a very strong workforce. Due to the great success of the technology and small businesses, Rochester residents enjoy a median household income of $65,179, which is substantially above the national average.
For tourists and residents alike, Rochester offers several Historic Landmarks to visit and enjoy. Such as Meadow Brook Hall, Van Hoosen Farm, and Yate’s Cider Mill. Most of these offer guided tours, educational exhibits, and great all-around family fun. Rochester is a classy town that is deeply in tune with the fine arts and theater.
The popular Paint Creek Center for the Arts hosts one the largest fine arts fairs in the nation and regularly showcases some of the most wellknown artists around. The Meadow Brook Theatre offers classic plays throughout the year and The Rochester Symphony Orchestra puts on an annual series of a half dozen concerts.
Take a stroll in the downtown Rochester area and you will find some of the best restaurants in the state. Here you will find romantic dining and dancing, traditional steakhouses, bistros, flavors of the Orient, and delicious European cuisine. For those who enjoy shopping, rest assured Rochester will not let you down. Its beautiful downtown “Main Street” ambiance caters to many specialty shops and eateries. Rochester has over 50 stores and many more in Rochester Hills. The Village of Rochester Hills Mall is a beautiful new shopping center featuring a 120,000 sq-ft Parisian department store along with lots of other fine shops.
Rochester also offers many activities such as several top-quality golf courses that will challenge both the amateur and professional alike. For the outdoors person, hiking and bicycling along the Paint Creek Trail is a favorite past time. If reading is your true love, you will be pleased to know that Rochester has one of the largest and finest libraries in the state. The Rochester Library boasts more than 225,000 books on an enormous variety of topics.
The Rochester Community School District is ranked as one of the best school districts in the country. The RCSD over-sees 21 schools and serves the educational needs of over 14,000 students. Rochester Adams High School and Rochester High School are two examples of great schools in this district. Overall, the schools rate very highly and provide an excellent educational opportunity for those who attend them. In addition, there are a number of post-secondary educational opportunities in the Rochester area including Rochester Community college, Rochester College, and Oakland University.
Rochester offers many different styles of homes; From the elegant townhouse, lofts overlooking the downtown area, and beautiful single-family homes with substantial property around them. The median house price for the city is $300,000. Hence, Rochester, by most standards, is affordable to most families. Given the high median income, and the reasonable cost of living, residents of this fine city enjoy an excellent standard of living. Rochester is a wonderful community that welcomes its newcomers. If you are thinking of moving into the area or interested in homes sale Rochester MI, the Tadros Team will make your experience as seamless as possible.


Houses sale Rochester MI range from $250K – $4.32M with the average price of a 3500 sq-ft single family home of $300K. At the Tadros Team, we completely know just what every customer wants and to ensure their satisfaction, we continually strive to meet and exceed their expectations. We provide exceptional real estate services to buyers and sellers in Rochester.
From subdivision homes to homes with acreage, Rochester has a lot to offer because of its substantial natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and easy access to restaurants and shops. The Tadros Team will help you secure an exceptional property you can call home; a place you can rest your head daily and confidently dream and aspire for greater things.
Our team has years of experience in the Rochester, Michigan real estate market and we are knowledgeable about every property in our community. We put all our experience and expertise to work for your best interests and help you find your dream home in Rochester. Every transaction large or small is important to us. We want you coming back to us in the future or referring more business back to us.


Here at the Tadros Team, we know that buying a home is a major commitment and we genuinely care for the needs of our clients. We’ll work together with you to choose the best mortgage option for you. We believe our clients deserve the best real estate services and we will continue to go the extra mile to serve them right and bring them the best loan rates.

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